Infrared and Thermography Services for Los Angeles & Southern California

Superior Thermal Imaging and Infrared is a Certified Thermographer, Licensed Building Contractor in the State of California, Professionally trained, Certified and Insured, and provides thermal imaging services, to help home owners and business’s alike, we provide the following services

  • Roof moisture surveys – Infrared Thermal Imaging can assist in detection, document and locate leaks and trapped moisture in roofing systems.
  • Electrical inspection – Assist facilities in compliance with NFPA 70B’s Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance and locate overloads, deficient conditions, connections and components.
  • Building Envelope Problems  – Infrared Thermal Imaging can help locate deficient building conditions such as moisture intrusion, HVAC problems such as portions of systems not distributing conditioned air, and with the high cost of energy Infrared can even help locate sources of air loss, energy waste etc.
  • Plumbing Problems in Commercial Buildings – Leaks not readily visible, Infrared can help in locating leaks and with a Predictive Maintenance program can help to reduce water damage.
  • Have a Data Center in your Commercial Building? – Infrared can help locate hot spots and other problems.
  • Moisture Intrusion – Leaks can come from all sorts of places, we have state of the art thermal imaging equipment. Shower pans, EIFS Stucco Systems, faulty moisture barriers and more.
  • Infrared Roof Scans – Whether you are buying a home or commercial building or are having trouble pin-pointing a leak, this service has proven to be invaluable!
  • Building Thermography – Energy loss, structural concerns, plumbing leaks and more. Call us and ask if we can help!

Infraspection Institute Standards of Practice Used | American Society of nondestructive Testing, SNT-TC-1A

If you need help with predictive maintenance inspections, have a leak that other service professionals have not been able to locate, please give a call and see if we can help! High resolution infrared equipment, specialty tools such as moisture meters and more!