Lots of rain in Los Angeles California means leaks and moisture intrusion

Rain Leaks and Moisture Intrusion Los Angeles

We are all grateful for the rainfall that we have had in California and for many of us that reside in Los Angeles County, all of this rain at once has been both a blessing and a burden. Namely, leaks from roofs, building envelopes, stucco and windows leaks and a host of other concerns.

You have had trouble finding the leak source what to do?

I’ve had a number of calls from property managers, roofers and others saying the same thing. “We’ve had what we thought was a leak source fixed, only to still have a leak. We don’t know what to do next”. Obviously the professional tradespeople that made a repair both found a repaired at least A LEAK. 

You’re being told you have few options with your leak or moisture intrusion problem

When even a qualified building professional has stated you have no other options except to start to perform a destructive investigation, they MAY be right, but what if you had other options? 

  • Infrared Thermal Imaging when used by a capable and qualified professional may just be the answer you are looking for in a Non Destructive Alternative to assist in locating leak sources, you may be heading the right direction choosing a Certified Thermographer to perform such building investigations.
  • We use High Resolution Infrared Cameras and employ Infraspection Institute Standards of Practice Used | American Society of Nondestructive Testing, SNT-TC-1A and was trained/certified by Flir / Infrared Training Center and Infraspection Institute, both leaders in their respective fields.

Infrared Thermal Imaging has a number of other uses as well

Of course moisture intrusion and leaks from roofs and building envelopes are something that we can assist with, but don’t forget that this technology can help with Roofing and Roof Leaks, Stucco Moisture Leaks, HVAC performance troubleshooting, Energy Loss, Missing Insulation and more.

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